Gmunden, Austria

I am originally from Gmunden, a city in Upper Austria on Lake Traunsee and surrounded by mountains.

The picturesque landscape of Gmunden has made it a popular tourism destination, and people from all over come to see the Schloss Ort, a charming medieval castle situated right on the lake.


Gmunden is also the home of Gmundner Keramik, a famous manufacturer of fine ceramic dining ware, which earned Gmunden the nickname Keramic Stadt.

We also have no shortage of famous people hailing from the Gmunden area.

Renowned Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard lived in Ohlsdorf, a sort of suburb of Gmunden, where part of my family is from. In fact, he used to frequent my grandmother’s bar a few decades ago and used her as inspiration for a character in one of his books.

And more recently, Gmunden produced 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchinta Wurst, who was born in Gmunden before moving to Styria.